Holiday Gift Guide for the Mindful Mover

Gratitude, joy, generosity, and cheer are just a few words associated with the holiday season. Despite the colder temperatures our hearts are warm with love and tenderness. The energy around this time can be magical. Lights, parties, giving, indulgent food and drink all seem to go with the holiday season.

I   love giving thoughtful gifts to those closest to me yet sometimes I    struggle with finding the perfect gift for those who seem to either have everything or  want nothing. While I    personally enjoy experiences over things, I    have compiled a list of a few of my favorites that I    am sure the yogi, contrologist or mindful mover in your life may enjoy as well. 






Dry Brush + Ahbyanga Oil

When purchasing a dry brush, look for natural bristles that aren't too prickly. (I    purchased mine at Skintouch Therapy in downtown Fredericksburg.) Spend about 5 minutes making long gentle strokes towards the heart. Dry brushing is not only about exfoliation (although its a bonus). A regular dry brush routine will increase circulation and help to move lymph throughout the body thus aiding in the waste elimination process. 

When paired with an abhyanga practice, your skin will thank you. Ahbyanga is essentially self massage using warm oil (sesame in the winter and lighter oil such as coconut or grapeseed in the summer) on the body. Ideally you perform this ritual early in the morning, a few hours prior to your shower.


How To Live: Boxed set of the mindfulness series

By Thich Nhat Hanh

You may be thinking "don't tell me how to live my life" but if you have ever read anything by Hanh you know his books are short, sweet, and insightful. The simplicity of his meditations is perfect for the western mind. So if the person you are shopping for is just beginning a meditation practice or has been at it for a while this would make a wonderfully thoughtful gift. This series makes a great edition to your yogi's library. 





Shashi Grip Socks

Stay put during your workouts.


These are the perfect stocking stuffer for the Pilates and Barre enthusiast. For me they hit my top three for apparel. Comfy, functional, and stylish. The grips are perfect on the reformer or the studio floor because they eliminate slippage. They come in different styles from mesh, sparkle to gorgeous colors. Where do you get them? At Flux Movement of course!



Liforme Yoga Mat

The ULTIMATE yoga mat

Over the years, I    have been through some yoga mats. I    have tried Gaiam, Jade, Manduka and Hugger Mugger and this mat is hands down the best. I    am an alignment enthusiast in my practice so this mat is perfectas the lines represent place markers for alignment in certain poses. The natural rubber is high quality and durable. My only complaint is that this mat is very heavy so I    keep it at home. The mat isn't cheap but it will last a long time. 




Beautycounter Products

100% Natural

I     first tried Beautycounter when I    was pregnant because I     wanted to make sure what I    was putting on my body was 100% natural. This product line is amazing because it gives visible results. I    have tried a lot of all natural products in the past and most did not deliver in the hydration department or they just felt chalky or greasy. Beautycounter is top or the line all natural makeup, hair care, masks, body lotion, and baby care. They also just came out with a whole line for men! My faves are the cleansing balm and the brightening oil/mask combo!