Movements to restore balance of the mind and body.


Whether you want to find your strength, flexibility, balance, or you are working on recovering from an injury, Flux Movement can give you the tools to heal and move more freely in your body. If you are training to run, cycle, or lift, incorporating the principles of Pilates and Yoga can help you reach those personal records and avoid injury along the way. It is all about balance and Flux Movement can help you find a more functional and synergistic way to move.


The Pilates Method


The Pilates Method is a series of movements that will stabilize and strengthen your core. These movements work to balance your body positively impacting your posture, pelvic floor, and spinal health. Pilates is focused on control,  precision, and persistence. When practiced regularly, it will make you stronger, balance your muscles, and connect your mind to your body and its movement patterns. On the surface, Pilates looks easy but if done correctly, it is very challenging.

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." Joseph Pilates


A Yoga Session


Like Pilates, Yoga combines breath and movement to cultivate a mind-body connection. Through a series of asanas (poses) you are able to still the mind by moving your body. Yoga can be challenging, recruiting focus, and strength as well as wholly therapeutic. I offer a wide range of Yoga from Vinyasa (flow), Hatha, and Restorative, to alignment based.


Located in Fredericksburg, VA.


Flux Movement is a home based studio located in Fredericksburg, VA. Contact us to get an exact location of this private residence.