2018 Holiday Gift Guide For The Mindful Mover


Does anyone else feel as though we are approaching the holidays at the speed of light? I  had a moment (just one) to myself the other day and I  thought “what the hell did I do with all my free time before the business, the kid, and the puppy?” It all seems like a fuzzy distant memory but it drew me into a moment of reflection.

What traditions do I want to nurture for our family? We are a country of consumerism and from now until the new year we will buy and spend and spend and buy to the point of stress and when holidays are over, then what? Our houses are filled with a little more “stuff.” The empty Amazon boxes are littering your garage and curb. But what if this year, we made a conscious effort to buy local and to purchase experiences over things? 

Do any of the other parents out there find themselves secretly chucking toy odds and ends, or hiding toys, planning to re-gift them at a later date? I  really dislike clutter and since becoming a parent, I feel like I am being suffocated one Paw Patrol figurine at a time. So, this year I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite local businesses ( and maybe one not so local, but still a small business)  for my annual Gift Guide For The Mindful Mover. This year, the emphasis is on experiences over stuff and I have found that experiences give you a life time of memories.  

Shop Small, Buy Local.

In Health,


The Gift of Relaxation

Spa day at skin+Touch Therapy


Being a mindful mover means that you are asking a lot from your body. Maybe its yoga, or Pilates or perhaps you enjoy they endorphin rush of a spin class or a weight lifting session. Either way, your body may need  a little R&R. Skin Touch Therapy offers a wide range of services, from massage and skin care,  to infrared sauna treatments as well as organic nail services.  Owner, Brian Lam’s eye for design and attention to detail, along with his talented and caring staff, are the reason this business is what it is today. Each of the therapists are highly trained and listen to the needs of their clients. From now until the end of November, they are offering their gift card special, when you buy a $150 gift card, you receive an extra $20 free. Visit www.skintouchtherapy.com to view the menu of services.

The Gift of Aura

Zouz Incense


Coincidentally, I found this incredible product at the Skin Touch Therapy boutique and I was hooked. I have been an incense burner for years but unfortunately, most are made with guano (yes, bat shit), charcoal, and synthetic perfumes. This husband and wife owned small business wanted to create a product that was natural. My personal favorites are the Zouz Blend, Hight Desert, and Bacchus. “Altering the environment through scent encourages relaxation, allowing space for the creative mind to amplify. We like to use incense as part of our creative ritual.” -Mike and Melissa Paré

These hand rolled incense cones are made from premium natural aromatics: Whole plants and herbs, tree resins, wood powders, and essential oils.

Handmade in The USA

The Gift of Stars

A natal chart reading with Laura Craig

For bookings, email Laura at lauragordoncraig@gmail.com or    call (757)646-0472

For bookings, email Laura at lauragordoncraig@gmail.com or

call (757)646-0472

What was the alignment of the planets and stars at the exact moment you were born? What does it all mean? Local artist Laura Craig has been studying astrology for the last two years and the journey has taken her do map natal charts for locals including myself. I  have had two readings from Laura, each deeply helpful in reassuring my path.

As Laura puts it, “The natal chart is a guide that shows themes, patterns, potentials, challenges, stories and myths that can lead you toward the direction of your soul’s intention. Explore the map of your life and learn to live in harmony with the specific energies that were bestowed upon you at birth.”

Too woo woo for you? Laura is also an extremely talented fine artist who specializes in portraiture. Check out her work at www.lauracraigfineart.com

The Gift of Creating

Cooking lessons at the Kitchen at whittingham

The Kitchen at Whittingham is a delight for cooks and bakers.

The Kitchen at Whittingham is a delight for cooks and bakers.

I  don’t know about you but I  move to eat. I  don’t think I  have met much but the way of food that I  didn’t like. When life permits, I  love to explore in the kitchen, creating and recreating dishes.

The Kitchen at Whittingham located at 1012 Caroline Street in downtown Fredericksburg is a delight for any cook. In addition to kitchen and home wares, they host a variety of cooking classes at the in house kitchen. This is the perfect gift for a budding cook or a couple looking for an alternative date night. 

Check out the list of classes coming up here.

The Gift of Play

Fort Pure Play and Programs

Don’t forget to check out the Fort-To-Go Boxes, they are pure magic.

Don’t forget to check out the Fort-To-Go Boxes, they are pure magic.

Its hard to describe the magic of Fort. Located at 202 Herndon Street in downtown Fredericksburg, this little gem is host to creative play. 

“FORT is a place for open-ended, sensory rich, free play. We have created a space where play is honored and appreciated as the work of childhood. Here, play is simple and pure.Through imaginative and collaborative play, children acquire necessary cognitive, physical, and social skills that set the ground work for further development, confidence, and socialization.  Our intentionally designed space and meticulously curated loose parts create an engaging place for elaborative and joyful play.” - Jodie Vaughn, creator of Fort.

In addition to play, Fort offers programs such as Baby Band, Frolic and Fables, and Happy Baby Yoga. www.fortpureplay.com

The Gift of Movement

Pilates, Yoga, spin, and barre

Sara has been a client since Flux opened in 2016.

Sara has been a client since Flux opened in 2016.

Why not give the gift of movement this holiday season? I don’t like to use the word fitness when it comes to gifting. It’s like giving someone a vacuum when they didn’t ask for it, know what I mean? The idea of movement has less charge surrounding it, no expectations, just move.

Flux Movement offers small group classes including, barre, yoga, indoor cycle, and Pilates. No class is larger than 10 people, (most of them are smaller) to ensure individual attention. This is wonderful alternative for those who don’t want the hassle of large group training and the intimidation of a gym.

Owner and instructor, Kiersten Kennedy believes that right movement can heal bodies. She understands that no two bodies are the same and that everyone has a different story to tell. She works with her clients one on one to discuss goals, concerns, and health issues.

In addition to small group training, Flux Movement offers private and semi-private sessions. Take a peek for more about Flux Movement.