Life In Flux

My husband and I recently welcomed our first child and life has been forever changed. During my pregnancy I began another life changing endeavor, starting a business. In the early stages of framing out what I wanted out of my business, I was wrought with doubt, fear and guilt. I was constantly in my head, ( thank you, pregnancy hormones). I would ask myself "is this the right time?" "What if I fail?" And the doozy, "does this make me a selfishly bad mother?" My husband and family's words of support and encouragement helped me press on but I knew that deep down I had to be sure this was right. Like most pregnant women, I retreated a bit. I found my yoga and Pilates practices became more self reflective than they ever had been. Perhaps it was because I had to slow down and take it easy but I was also reminded of a principle that I strive to teach in my classes and private sessions, BALANCE. I work everyday to find it, some days I am more successful at it than others but the key is that it is work. For me, this work towards or to maintain balance is life affirming. 

So now, when I hold my baby girl, I know that going forth in building my business is right. Those questions and feelings of doubt, fear, and guilt still rear their heads occasionally but they are quickly silenced by the deep knowing that this is right for us. I am a mother, a wife, and a daughter but I am also so much more. I want to share this feeling of balance with my clients. Just like in our yoga practice, asanas look different for every body and I believe the idea of a balanced life is the same, balance is personal, and life is always in flux.