The Power of Pilates

It's January. You are ready to put you and your health first! Ah, the feeling of motivation and hope is in the air, and on Facebook, and the television, it's in the magazines, dear god it's...EVERYWHERE. You think "where do I start?" Well my friend, you definitely are spoiled for choice. The fitness industry is growing and with that, so are your options. I do believe that this is a good thing because people now more than ever are getting active with exercise they enjoy. The downside is that many of these fitness trends preach a "don't think, just do" attitude. You mix a mindless workout with repetitive movements and you are putting yourself at risk for injury. 

Enter Pilates, a method that is designed to connect you deeper to your body by using both brain and body together. When I first started to practice both yoga and Pilates, I almost immediately felt connected to myself. Over the years as my practice has progressed and I have continued to show up and do "the work" as we say in Pilates, and my connection goes deeper. I feel my Pilates practice when I am lifting, cycling and doing yoga. I feel it when I am sitting down for dinner and when I am taking my daughter for a walk. 

For me, a mindful workout is a form of meditation, a way to calm and organize my thoughts so that they don't take over. This allows me to truly be in the moment, thinking about what I am doing and how I am doing it, in the present. Pilates is the FOUNDATION that all of my exercise and movement is built on. 

Yes, I said all other exercise. I am not saying, do Pilates and nothing else. Whatever you do, do it mindfully. Listen to your body. I know you hear that a lot these days but no really, listen to its response to what you are doing. If you can't hear what your body is saying well, you know where to find me.